We offer a full precision engineering facility including fabrication and fitting services. From large boring equipment and manual lathes through to slotting and milling machines – all available 24 hours a day.


Engineers are available both in-house and site based to assist with the removal or installation of all engineered products. All engineers are safety rated and certificated.

Gear Cutting

We are the only company in Merseyside providing a full in-house gear cutting facility, 24hours a day. We manufacture: Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Helical Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Double Helical Gears, Worm and Wheel Gears along with Rack and Pinions. Gear diameters up to 1250mm x 230mm face width.

To compliment our gear cutting facility, we have a comprehensive range of heat-treating procedures from stress relieving, case hardening, carburize hardening to protect and prolong the operational life of the gears and effectively reduce maintenance costs.


We repair all types of motors and auxiliary equipment, such as brakes, in house. Our repair facility is designed to carry out exacting repairs, utilising primary sourced and traceable spares, whilst keeping all costs to a minimum. By using new state of the art test equipment, coupled with both AC and DC test drive panels, we ensure all repairs are guaranteed and shipped with test reports. These reports can either be via standard block chart or video.


We repair all surface mounted and submersible pumps. Our fitting department operates a full test procedure through a flow and pressure-controlled tank, ensuring compliance to our exacting test procedures. Again, test reports follow delivery.


All gear boxes have the additional support benefit from our gear cutting department. All gearboxes following repair, where possible, are connected through our test rig and run to speed – diagnostics are recorded to ensure precision contact and optimum performance. Test and contact images are forwarded following delivery.

Site Services

We offer both on-site and in-house balancing facility to compliment vibration analysis and condition-based monitoring programs. We operate thermal camera systems to add additional plant conditioning and awareness.

Asset Management

By offering a complete condition and asset monitoring turnkey package, from industrial repairs and parts manufacture and supply, through to MRO procurement and site analysis we believe we can reduce costs like no other business in our industry.

By offering an easily accessible on-line asset management and monitoring service, coupled with a coordinated stock rationalisation program – we reduce operational and inventory costs through focused management and our understanding of the production facility and operational spares available.

Initiated from our site audit, we then structure a maintenance schedule working with engineers to enhance and develop spares availability while mitigating the risks associated with production failure and the costs associated with unplanned downtime and emergency repairs.

Electronic Repairs

We offer an electronic repair facility – from drives and soft starts to individual PCBs, control gear and light barriers.


We offer a full hydraulic repair facility, for both motors and cylinders. Our test rig will drive motors to operational speeds and will pressurise the seals to manufacturers specifications to ensure a guaranteed repair. Cylinders too can be test driven – applying seal contact pressure to design. We can also manufacture new cylinders to suit.

What people say about us

  • From initiating and implementing our asset management system, it has been a success. Proven cost savings says it all.

  • Great company to work with, total commitment at any hour – even 4am on Christmas morning!

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